Poker Tips 

Will Bitcoin become a major poker currency?

Online poker is certainly a large market. Pokerstars, the largest online poker room in the world, hosts around 50,000 of players at any given hour. During the weekends this number can be easily doubled or tripled. It is hard to identify a country where poker is the most popular, people play it everywhere: Canada, US, Eastern and Western Europe, Asia and more. However, the main issue is that most of the games require you to buy in chips in US dollars. It is, of course, possible to place your bets…

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Counting cards in blackjack cheating?

The first appearance of the techniques of counting cards dates back 60 with the book of Edward Thorp entitled “Beat the Dealer”. In this book, Thorp has a strategy that explains how to count cards in blackjack. The book was so successful that the following years, hundreds of new strategies have developed. Some strategies have been popular and are still relevant today. However, these methods are not really welcome in casinos. They are considered cheating for some and considered to trick others. The blackjack card counting is quite a thorny issue that we will address in…

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